The Musicke Companye

Photo of The Musicke Companye

Pippa Hyde (soprano)
Tim Carleston (Counter Tenor and Natural Trumpet)
Daisy Vatalaro (Baroque Cello)
Helen Rogers (Harpsichord, Continuo and Chamber Organ)

An extremely talented and respected group of artists in their own right who together create The Musicke Companye; an Early Music and Baroque ensemble who seamlessly and expertly intertwine drama, prose, literature and of course wonderful baroque and renaissance music. With a true flair for the dramatic and skill for encapsulating entertainment of times gone by, they have a range of programmes to suit events of all types and sizes and bring with them simple props, lighting, scenery and costumes to enhance the dramatic impact of the evening.

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One of the most gifted and more musically intelligent of all the early music groups currently before the public.    Musical Opinion


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